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The Wild Grill Experience

Running Feb, Mar and October 2024
The farm is excited to welcome barbecuing enthusiasts to this 4 hour meat prep masterclass and grill session, ending in a long-table Nordic Tipi feast!

Event Description

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£142.50pp - 4 Hour Experience

Our expert butchers/chefs welcome you to the Wild Meadow for a jam-packed 4 hours of meat cookery. Featuring guided sessions on pig butchery, meat seasoning and sausage-making, you’ll get to try your hand at all the skills on show, making your own sausages to take home! You’ll get an intro to the cooking methods of the day to grill your butchered & seasoned cuts – before taking a seat in the Nordic Tipi to dine with your course mates and teachers.

Your 4 hour experience includes a welcome beer, charcuterie snacks and all the food at the celebratory feast. The feast includes all the meat you prep & grill on the day, along with special sides and additional cuts, slow-cooked by our chef.

A perfect gift for a fan of barbecuing, and a brilliant way to support local producers. All the meat and beverages for this event come from farms or breweries within a 20 mile radius of our Cheshire farm.


  • Running Feb, March and October 2024
  • 4 Hour immersive experience
  • A variety of different cooking styles (from Open fire, Smoker, Pit and Grill)
  • Fully stocked bar available all day
  • Freshly prepared charcuterie plates between sessions
  • Take home what you can’t eat, over 120kg of meat prepared per session.
  • Meat and beer sourced from local producers <20 miles of the farm.


Please note that the schedule is subject to change and is intended as a guide. 
1. Introduction (10-15 mins)

Begin your wild grill experience with a 10-15 minute, relaxed meet & greet with your tutors for the day. Soak up the views of our 26 acre farm whilst enjoying your first charcuterie board and your pick of local welcome drinks from breweries only miles away from us. Our local heroes bar is also open for the duration of your experience.

2. Butchery Session One (30-40 mins)

Where is the meat from?

We will go over the separate meats that are being cooked today including where they have come from and the heritage of the farmed animals, the husbandry involved and how the game birds are sourced.

Butchery Demonstration

After this our Master Butcher will do a full demonstration of the butchery of half a pig and the separate cuts that can be obtained.

3. Light The Fires (10-15 mins)

Get introduced to today’s cooking methods, selected based on the cuts being prepared for you today;

1. Open Grill
For larger cuts of meat cooking on a spit/swords above a controlled open fire.
2. BBQ Grill
A custom-made, 1.5m nonagon chain-hung grill…This is an extremely useful device for cooking en masse.
3. Big Daddy Smoker
Our trailer smoker weighs in at nearly a ton. Only movable by a 4×4, this is our gentle giant!
4. The Pit
Using hot coals in the ground, this speciality cooking method is both an art and a science.
5. Kamada Ceramic Egg
Long cooks at controlled temperatures. A key item to understand for any BBQ aficionado.
4. Butchery Session Two (30-40 mins)

Over to you!

Back to your station in the prep tent – now it’s your turn.

Our butcher will demonstrate how to trim down a larger joint into the cut that you will be using today. Everyone will have their own slab of meat to prepare, with the butcher on hand for any questions.

This is also a good place to pick up some additional knife skills.

5. Intro To Seasoning (15 mins)

Getting the perfect flavour

Head over to our fully stocked season station, with an overview of the ingredients available and the separate attributes they bring to different meats. It’s then up to you to decide what flavours you want alongside your cuts.

~ Interval ~

A Well-Deserved Break

After all that, you will have worked up an appetite. Time to enjoy some freshly prepared meat treats. Our cash bar is open throughout.

6. Hands-On Sausage Making (30 mins)

Compete to be crowned top sausage!

No professional BBQ is complete without the masterful flavours of the humble sausage.

Everyone who attends the Wild Grill gets to hand-make their own sausages. After a short demonstration by our butcher, head over to our season station and grab the key ingredients you want in your signature sausages.

You’ll get to make at least 3 feet of sausages, so lots to take home too!

7. The Cook (30-45 mins)

Meat, meet the grill.

Head over to the cook stations introduced to you earlier in the day to be guided through the cooking process for all the cuts and the different cooking methods on show today.

8. The Feast (30-45 mins)

Enjoy the spoils of your labour!

To cap off your experience, we invite you to join your tutors and course mates in the Nordic Tipi for a long-table meal, to tuck into the meats you’ve prepped that day.

Alongside the cuts you’ve prepared, there will be a selection of tasty sides and extra joints that have been slow-cooking throughout the course of the day.

Anything you can’t eat is yours to take home.


Is there parking on site?

Yes, we have parking for up to 20 cars.

Is the venue accessible?

The prep kitchen and grill tipi are situated outdoors, with pedestrian access from a stony parking area over a grass path with no handrail. Please contact us to discuss your accessibility requirements.

Is hearing loop available?

Unfortunately there are no hearing loop facilities available at this experience.

How can I get support after purchasing?

You can always contact us at [email protected] and we aim to respond within 1 working day.

Is the food halal/kosher?

We regret that the food at this experience is not halal/kosher.

Is the venue heated / what clothing should I bring?

All the indoor parts of this experience take place in cosy, heated spaces. Some of the grilling areas are in covered outdoor spaces, so please make sure that you bring appropriate seasonal clothing if you want to take part in these segments.

Is this experience suitable for under 18s?

There is a minimum age of 12 to attend this experience. Guests aged 12-16 will not be able to take part in the knife skills or fire management segments of the experience and must be accompanied by an adult with a full price ticket. Discounted tickets are available for this age group.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to arrangements we make with local farms for ordering in large sections of meat, we regret that there are no refunds for cancellations. We may be able to accommodate date transfers if requested 2 or more weeks in advance of the experience date (subject to availability). Please get in touch at [email protected] or via the Ticket Tailor website.


Full address supplied on your booking confirmation.